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The Israeli military is also destroying and burning libraries in Gaza, 14 at last count.


The deliberate destruction of tens of thousands of books, including numerous rare volumes and 150 years of Gaza historical records, is additional evidence of Israeli's genocidical mission: erasing all traces of Palestine and its people from the face of the earth. The United States is supplying most of the bombs for this latest obscenity, and it has committed these crimes in countless locations over the decades and centuries, while also enslaving, abusing, and murdering tens of millions of people.

Dan Sheehan, Lit Hub:

As reported earlier this week by Ramy Abdu, Chairman of Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor, the Israeli army has burned down the the publishing house and library of Al-Kalima in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in Gaza.

Toppled bookshelves, stray pages, and piles of ash are now all that remains of the library, which was also the home of its founder, Atef al Durra—a refugee from the Bureij camp in central Gaza who established Al-Kalima in 2006.

At least 14 libraries have now been badly damaged or destroyed entirely by Israeli forces since October 7.

This includes the Gaza University Library (which was destroyed on October 9), the IBBY Children in Crisis Library (which had previously been destroyed by an Israeli airstrike in 2014), the Diana Tamari Sabbagh Library (which contained tens of thousands of books and had been sheltering hundreds of displaced Palestinians before it was shelled by Israeli forces on November 25), and the Al-Israa University Library and National Museum (which was looted by the Israeli military before it was destroyed by controlled demolition on January 18).

The Central Archives of Gaza (which contained 150 years of records pertaining to Gaza’s history) and the Great Omari Mosque (which contained one of the most significant collections of rare books in Palestine) have both also been destroyed.

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